More than anything, 6-year-old Alejandra* wanted to go to school near her home in Honduras. But an infection on her foot made walking impossible. Even worse, the infection threatened her life.

Alejandra* was born with clubfoot, a congenital birth defect that caused her foot to be twisted severely. As a result, Alejandra always walked on the tender outside of her foot. Eventually, the skin near her ankle wore away, leading to a life-threatening infection.

Alejandra’s family was not sure she’d survive—until we intervened with the help of Americares.

In partnership with a local health center, our team from Community Health Partnership-Honduras was making home visits to patients unable travel. A local health advocate told the team about Alejandra, an orphan who lives with her grandmother and great-grandmother.

The medical team traveled to Alejandra’s home and treated her infection, using the medicine and medical supplies—including antibiotics—provided by Americares, at no cost to the family. Alejandra began recovering immediately.

Even better, the visiting doctors told Alejandra and her family that when her foot healed, she could have corrective surgery.

“Americares’ generous donations are so critical to our success,” says Community Health Partnership-Honduras Founder and Director Jennifer Smith. “Together, we truly make a difference.”

Americares provided Community Health Partnership-Honduras with critical medicine and medical supplies— like the antibiotics used to treat Alejandra’s foot.

Just a few months after we treated her infection, Alejandra received corrective surgery. Now, learning to walk again, she can look forward to a healthy future.



*Alijandra’s name has been changed in this story for privacy.


Volunteer doctors told Alejandra and her family that she could have corrective surgery on her clubfoot.