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Our work in Opatoro began with a simple visit in December 2012.

Today we have five Honduran Directors representing dental, medical, and the communities we serve. Our teams now come three times each year and we have expanded our reach from 56 villages in the south to 18 more villages in the north, where we work with the central clinic in the capital of Opatoro.

The team included the local nurses, health promoters and village advocates. The municipality helps with transportation and logistics as rainy season brings additional challenges.  

Our progress and growth is a result of the deepening trust and relationship we have formed with these proud communities who have been true partners in our effort to improve the health of the population. A brighter future for their children is clearly on the horizon.

We know each other

Our sustainable model incorporates high level  medical and dental care together with local health care providers. The doctor and nurses know their community and guide us with the expert knowledge that is critical in providing best practices. 

our challenges

Our Mission

CHP-Honduras was created to facilitate a more collaborative and community-based model of health care delivery with an arc of sustainability. 

CHP-H works side-by-side with the regional health care promoters, doctors and dentists and elected community volunteers.  We are integrated with local and regional health services with additional support from the municipalities. 

Our model incorporates the highest level of medical and dental care and is delivered in concert with the local resources who share their local knowledge of the population as well as the needs and resources of the respective communities. Education and prevention are key components of improving the health of the communities and it is with their participation and partnership that we can make a difference.  We strive to create alliances with existing and international resources towards a continuum of care and education.

This model is symbiotic.  Our practitioners learn as much as they impart during our time there. The panoply of experience and knowledge our practitioners bring is augmented by the insights of local professionals. Our teams stay in the heart of the community and our shared cultural experience has become a very important aspect of our continuing effort with our community partners.

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