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Terence Noonan, Director

Dental Patient Visits

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Surgery Success!

Surgery Success!

Two young girls are taking steps towards a better, healthier future with the help of Levine Children’s Hospital and Atrium Health Services and One World Surgery.



When an infection threatened this 6-year-old’s life, our volunteers and Americares teamed up to provided critical treatment.

Casa Benito Project

Casa Benito Project

We need your support to provide safe, reliable housing for CHP-H’s volunteers, as well as for other NGOs working in the region.

Cape Cod Group Helps Honduras

Cape Cod Group Helps Honduras

Cape Cod has a special connection with Honduras, and it has nothing to do with nightly news reports about a migrant caravan numbering about 5,000 so far at the U.S. border.

Pen Pals

Pen Pals

Dr Joseph Young has shared letters written by students in Honduras with Hawley Elementary School students, who originally wrote letters for the Honduran students last school year.

Collaborative Care

From villagers to medical practitioners, we collaborate and communicate throughout the healthcare continuum. 

Dental Care

Smiles shine brighter in La Florida, where we offer a comprehensive fluoride program to schoolchildren throughout the region.   

palliative care

We embrace our community with home visits and hospice care. Families find support, resources and comfort in our compassion and knowledge.


With a focus on eye health and education, we provide screening, testing and eyeglasses for better vision and a brighter outlook.


For a region so rich in culture and cuisine, malnutrition is distressingly high. We are working to change that through food, education and community.


From prenatal vitamins to postpartum depression, mothers and infants are empowered with professional care and support.


Living in poverty only adds to the skin ailments  that come with the sun. Our medical care covers the spectrum, from prevention to treatment. 

Physical Therapy

From prevention to post-op follow up, our programs cover the physical and mental challenges of chronic conditions. 


The Arc of Collaborative Care

Medical and dental teams from both countries work together with regional health services, local practitioners, nurses, health promoters and advocates from each village.


CHP-H is unique. We collaborate closely with Honduran doctors, nurses, community leaders and health advocates to ensure a continuity of care that other NGOs do not. Our local volunteer doctors provide follow-up care and medicines, vitamins, fluoride treatments and first aid supplies to regional clinics/hospitals throughout the year, not just during biennial brigades.

We take time to get to know the communities, the people and their home environments, where we can make realistic assessments for a continuum of care with their local nurses and health promoters.

We work with community leaders to understand institutional structures and how to work within them. The local doctors and nurses, health promoters and village advocates, guide us with expert knowledge for providing best practices.

We’re committed to these regions to help improve general health and outcomes with an emphasis on prevention. Our friendships play a very important role for returning team members. Volunteer colleagues from Tegucigalpa, the US and other countries have established strong ties with their rural counterparts.

Projects in Progress


Our Approach

We collaborate from the village level through to the office of the Administrative Director of Health Services for the “mamlesip” (our four regions) specifically for the common goal of better health outcomes. 


Our programs focus on prevention and treatment.


Our success comes from solidarity and commitment.  


 Local practitioners guide us with expert knowledge for providing best practices.


We see our work making a positive impact on future generations. 


We work with community leaders to navigate institutional structures. 

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Upcoming Brigades



May 23 – 31, 2020

Our raingear brigade is ready for the wet weather and all the challenges it brings. 



July 2020

Our July dental brigade a great way to spend your summer vacation.  



November 7 – 15, 2020

This brigade is lining up and ready to go!

What makes us special? Collaboration. CHP-H works together with local medical and dental professionals to ensure a continuum of care that lasts year round .

- Jennifer Smith, Director

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